The Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella team is proud to present a new release showcasing about a year of work. It includes several new features, plenty of bugfixes compared to previous versions and the original game, clean-ups of the old code base and a notable speedup.

Through 340 commits at least 44 bugs were fixed, 23 of which are known to affect vanilla.

New Features:

  • Improvements to the Android port
  • Middle-click mouse scrolling support
  • Modding Improvements
    • More hardcoded values and assumptions are now externalized to additional or improved json files for easy editing in JSON: translations
    • More extension points for LUA scripting: strategic-level content

IMPORTANT: We changed the default directory where configuration and save games are located on Windows machines, in order to interfere less with Windows folder protection mechanisms. For now the old directory inside the Documents\JA2 folder still works, but a warning is printed in the logs, instructing you to move the files into the AppData\Roaming\JA2 directory. This will be changed in one of the next versions to only consider the new folder.

IMPORTANT: If you are switching between the nightly and release versions of JA2 Stracciatella on Android before you might need to uninstall the old APK before installing the new release. Make sure to backup your data before doing this as it might erase your save games.

We are shipping pre-built packages for Linux, Windows, macOS and Android. This should help users to easily get started with Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella. For users willing to take a risk we also provide automatically created nightly builds.


Main Changelog:


  • Enhancement: Do not update the entire screen texture every frame (#1755)
  • Enhancement: [Windows] Change Stracciatella config dir location to AppData (#1864)
  • Enhancement: Implement tab to view logs in Android launcher (#1782)
  • Enhancement: Tactical: scroll by middle-mouse dragging (#1490)
  • Enhancement: Warn if 1.13 is installed (#1693)
  • Enhancement: Replace rapidjson with rust based implementation (#1773)
  • Enhancement: Remove remove_dir_all rust dependency (#1905)
  • Enhancement: Reduce CPU usage of the main menu screen #1927
  • Enhancement: Add an option to use precompiled headers (#1836)
  • Enhancement: Proposal: Revamp calling of the game loop (#1807)
  • Enhancement: Refactor timer control (#1818)
  • Enhancement: Remove a check for profile ID 53 in HandleSuppressionFire (#1753)
  • Enhancement: Remove HandleSight NOWHERE error logging (#1801)
  • Enhancement: Upgrade rust-version to 1.63.0 (#1904)
  • Enhancement: Upgrade string_theory to 3.8 (#1907)

Modding Improvements

  • Enhancement: Externalize Flo’s weapon deals bonus (#1734)
  • Enhancement: Externalize translations (#1833)
  • Enhancement: Strategic-level modding support (Event, Quests and Facts) (#1832)
  • Enhancement: Setting blades like knife or machete below 3AP is causing a crash, when enemies or militia is trying to use it. (#1840)

Bugfixes (vanilla)

  • Bugfix: Unfair bloodcat fight - stats farming (#1780)
  • Bugfix: Fix memory leak in DrawMercsFaceToScreen (#1912)
  • Bugfix: Tried to create item with Invalid ID while scrolling through items cheat (#1925)
  • Bugfix: HandleTownLoyaltyForNPCRecruitment: no loyalty to increase if we’re n… (#1798)
  • Bugfix: Blood type possible inconsistency (#1808)
  • Bugfix: Error: “ Failed to add movement event.” in tactical screen (#1703)
  • Bugfix: Fix assertion failure in GetSelectedAssignSoldier (#1775)
  • Bugfix: Fix bug in two FindGridNoFromSweetSpot* functions (#1876)
  • Bugfix: Game reliably crashes in this particular situation. (#1856)
  • Bugfix: Incorrect random number (#1810)
  • Bugfix: Minor visual AP bug when firing burst fire + talon (#1765)
  • Bugfix: Properly restore two Path AI variables upon return from function (#1698)
  • Bugfix: Right ALT key doesn’t work the same as left ALT key (#539)
  • Bugfix: Segfault on killing any next enemy, even if you leave and re-enter sector (#1664)
  • Bugfix: Use correct gridno to calculate cost of a swipe attack (#1708)


  • Bugfix: Attempt to remove dead merc from list results in CTD (#1788)
  • Bugfix: Bug report for simplified-chinese (#1784)
  • Bugfix: Cannot shoot soldiers. Only mouth icons appears. (#1723)
  • Bugfix: CAWS some burst fire weapon sounds are missing/not playing. (#1764)
  • Bugfix: Crash when loading original 1.02 savegames (#1861)
  • Bugfix: Crash when right-clicking on item’s attachement (#1863)
  • Bugfix: Crosshair doesn’t change back to movement after hovering an enemy (#1778)
  • Bugfix: IsThereASoldierInThisSector uses wrong SGPSector to index method (#1799)
  • Bugfix: LMB doubleclicks on Android version after introducing touch controls (#1710)
  • Bugfix: Mercs “bored/resigned - low morale” quotes are not beign played when selecting merc (#1757)
  • Bugfix: Missing sound of RPK-74 in burst mode (#1714)
  • Bugfix: Mouse cursor “jumps around” when double-clicking on mercs (#1369)
  • Bugfix: Nordic keyboard layout. equal key to select all mercs does not work (#1844)
  • Bugfix: Ordering more than one merc to repair vehicle causes them to repair items instead (#1813)
  • Bugfix: Prevent overly long IMP nickname (#1827)
  • Bugfix: Properly test if a group’s only member is a vehicle (#1705)
  • Bugfix: Random crashes when opening emails on the in-game laptop (#1591)
  • Bugfix: Strange input handling on follow-up shots. (#1735)
  • Bugfix: Strategic map view of D15 Drassen SAM lacks information (#1745)
  • Bugfix: Weapon choice vectors are incorrect (#1794)
  • Bugfix: Enemy item status minimized when killed with cheats (#1924)
  • Bugfix: Fix bug in InternalTacticalRemoveSoldier panel logic (#1920)
  • Bugfix: Compiling with clang on mingw64 (#1816)


  • Editor: When you add a regular rebel army to a sector using the map editor, then after won fight with enemies, any attempt to leave this sector causes a crash. (#1886)
  • Editor: When you mark at least two items in terrain tabs in map editor, then when you click on X (closing current window), then map editor crashes. (#1896)
  • Editor: When you want to add a key to a door in map editor, then after this you can’t close the window with editing lock attributes. (#1892)
  • Editor: When you scroll types of characters in map editor, it sometimes crashes. (#1890)

Maintenance Work

  • Maintenance: Changes required for C++20 compatibility (#1823)
  • Maintenance: Clean up SGPStrings and remove many uses of C string functions (#1713)
  • Maintenance: Remove some unused files and one function (#1706)
  • Maintenance: Remove three unnecessary functions handling video refresh (#1837)
  • Maintenance: Should we bump the cmake_minimum_required value? (#1828)