All development is done in the open, in GitHub repositories and trackers.

Reporting bugs and feature requests

If you find a bug or have a wish, please let us know here. Include:

  • the version of JA2S you are using
  • operating system
  • in case you know, whether this was buggy already in the original JA2
  • in case you know, if this used to work fine (it is a regression)

How to Contribute

The best way to contribute is to make a pull request with a bug fix. Please see the list of open issues and enhancement requests here. Code cleanups and other janitorial tasks are also very welcome. As is reviewing pull requests and pondering on issues.

The second best way is to help with retesting issues where we need more info.

Of course, filing bug reports when you encounter a bug is also appreciated!

Outside of programming related tasks, you can help by spreading the word, writing docs, mods and translations, helping grow the team, creating art and more. If you want to help, but don’t know how, let us know (open a “bug” report) and we’ll figure something out.