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Release 0.17.0

The Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella team is proud to present a new release. Over two years in the making, it includes several new features, plenty of bugfixes compared to previous versions and the original game, more work in externalizing data and innumerable clean-ups of the old code base. Also notable is the better launcher experience and easier tweaking of settings for power users and modders.

Through over 1520 commits at least 61 bugs were fixed, 28 of which affect vanilla.

New Features:

  • A redesigned graphical launcher with more toggles, multiple mod support and the location of the main settings file (game.json)
  • Data files are now searched for in several places and more easily overriden
  • Several hardcoded values and assumptions are now externalized to json files for easy editing
  • Basic Wildfire and Night Ops support
  • Several new standalone optional mini-mods
  • The map editor now works out of the box, using bundled dummy graphics
  • Several smaller features like IMP import and better screen scaling options

We are shipping pre-built packages for Ubuntu, Windows and OS X. This should help users to easily get started with Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella. For users willing to take a risk we also provide automatically created nightly builds.

Download: Make sure to uninstall any previous versions before installing.

Build changes:

  • a C++11 compatible compiler is now required
  • Dependency on boost has been removed
  • New dependency: string theory, a string library (also bundled in the repo)

Warning: SDL2 2.0.6 on Linux has a fatal bug in the audio conversion code. As a workaround, the game automatically disables all sounds if it detects this version during startup. Please downgrade to version 2.0.5 or use version 2.0.7 or later.

Main Changelog:

  • Bugfix (vanilla): Civilians dying causes crash (#1068)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix “Travel to Surface?” prompt not working in Cambria/Alma mine (#1087)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix Doreen’s under attack animations not playing properly (#157)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix Drassen mine doubling production before depletion (#1144)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix HandleMilitiaPromotions resetting kill count if it wasn’t used (#674)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix a crash when a factioned civilian bleeds out (#1138)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix assert on sector entry: militia promotion elsewhere (#671)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix cleaning blood from knives (#769)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix collapsing merc falling through a closed door (#476)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix crash from a panic trigger when there are no soldiers (#851)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix enemy being trapped on a border of the tactical map (#125)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix enemy in the northmost map cells not being targetable in the head (#195)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix extra crows when a game is loaded (#812)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix fighting a battle in F10 breaking the hillbilly quest (#688)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix flag checking (#793)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix freeze when accessing options by pressing o during a cutscene (#752)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix game crashe on helicopter coming back to Drassen (#1107)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix giving items to civilians in Drassen causing endless stopwatch (#694)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix glitchy opening of locked doors (#475)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix incorrect tactical path calculation (#375)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix life insurance making player’s balance negative (#93)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix possible division by zero / SIGFPE (#720)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix reproducible crash in Alma H14 when using explosives on building. (#294)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix runtime error in sector I2 (#492)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix south-east-north U-turn in TraceCharAnimatedRoute and TracePathRoute (#885)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fixed bug when picking up items during combat doesn’t deduct APs (#802)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Prevent displaying the door popup if dialog is running (#1062)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): TODO0008: Attitude generation is broken (#756)
  • Bugfix: Avoid hit chance beyond 100% (#1140)
  • Bugfix: Avoid interrupted dialogue - endless stopwatch (#427)
  • Bugfix: Change release builds to link against debug and release runtime on MSVC (#641)
  • Bugfix: Close master bug for viewport/placement related bugs (#225)
  • Bugfix: Fix “ERROR saving the game” after Ivan has arrived (#487)
  • Bugfix: Fix -nosound failing an assert (#1084)
  • Bugfix: Fix IMP quiz honest answers mod directory case sensitivity (#751)
  • Bugfix: Fix Mac OS Sierra Russian font bug (#485)
  • Bugfix: Fix Mac Sierra mouse pointer being restricted when starting with -fullscreen (#459)
  • Bugfix: Fix RU game crashing when hiring when browsing M.E.R.C. (#65)
  • Bugfix: Fix Skyrider claiming to not have a chopper after landing in Estoni (#723)
  • Bugfix: Fix attacking the legs doing no damage (#778)
  • Bugfix: Fix being unable to scroll the screen when entering turn mode (#1122)
  • Bugfix: Fix clipping issue with radarmaps (#73)
  • Bugfix: Fix crash after scene about capturing northeast sam site (#721)
  • Bugfix: Fix encoding issue with some Quest Texts crashing the game hard (#927)
  • Bugfix: Fix format string issue: “Hire for ${} per day” (#1073)
  • Bugfix: Fix graphical glitch when doing a RMB click on level preview (#366)
  • Bugfix: Fix inaccessible area in tactical view (#171)
  • Bugfix: Fix incorrect body positions on high resolution (#119)
  • Bugfix: Fix main menu music not restarting (#87)
  • Bugfix: Fix militia training not being available in H8 - Cambria Mine (#1103)
  • Bugfix: Fix segmentation fault on soldier death (#753)
  • Bugfix: Fix sliders in IMP creation with altered game.json being messed up (#644)
  • Bugfix: Fix tactical interface rendering on strategic interface. (#834)
  • Bugfix: Fix time consuming logging (#1137)
  • Bugfix: Fix unduly aborted steal (#789)
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash due to assertion in Strategic_AI::MoveSAIGroupToSector() (#735)
  • Bugfix: Fixed delay after stealing items from another merc. (#737)
  • Bugfix: Fixed sound clipping in SoundMan (#807)
  • Bugfix: Set the directory of the file chooser (#818)
  • Bugfix: Support json with comments in rust (#838)
  • Bugfix: Vvx’s bugfixes and more robust game.json handling (#1133)
  • Editor: Add latest free editor.slf in the build system (#859)
  • Editor: Fix inability change merc colors in Map Editor (#1113)
  • Enhancement: Add a free Editor.slf (#30)
  • Enhancement: Add a warning about min_attribute_points < 15 to game.json (#681)
  • Enhancement: Add basic Night Ops support
  • Enhancement: Add brightness/gamma support (#709)
  • Enhancement: Added GroupAutoReload hotkey Ctrl-Shift-R (#1085)
  • Enhancement: Alternate IMP creation mod (#37)
  • Enhancement: Autodetect version of the game resource (#42)
  • Enhancement: Externalize mines (#1098)
  • Enhancement: Externalize several hardcoded map features
  • Enhancement: Improve pathfinding on long distances (#678)
  • Enhancement: Improve the error message when data_dir is not valid. (#692)
  • Enhancement: Increase C++ standard to C++11 (#619)
  • Enhancement: Modularize rust code (#748)
  • Enhancement: Skip autosave confirmation sound in DiD mode (#646)
  • Enhancement: Support for Wildfire maps (#1011)
  • Enhancement: Support game.json in user directory (possibly ~/.ja2) (#707)
  • Enhancement: Support integer scaling for pixel perfect image (#715)
  • Enhancement: Support merging of stacked items (#690)
  • Enhancement: Support multiple data paths (#290)
  • Enhancement: Vvx’s externalizations and mods (#1133)
  • Launcher: Avoid “Unable to create directory” errors (#719)
  • Launcher: Display installed game.json location (#630)
  • Launcher: Launcher autodetects version (#820)
  • Launcher: Multiple mods support (#840)
  • Launcher: Redesign the launcher (#833)
  • Launcher: Use more readable labels (#731)
  • Maintenance: Add panic=abort to rust library (#813)
  • Maintenance: Add rust requirement notes and lockfile (#759)
  • Maintenance: Add unit test to parse every JSON in externalized dir (#1116)
  • Maintenance: Build MinGW on travis (#729)
  • Maintenance: Build VS2017 on appveyor (#730)
  • Maintenance: CMake: External project all the things (#711)
  • Maintenance: CMake: do not add the directories to the sources list (#697)
  • Maintenance: Catch and ignore exception with bad map data (#1143)
  • Maintenance: Change all missnamed data dirs to game dirs (#839)
  • Maintenance: Cleanup realtime (#662)
  • Maintenance: Cleanup turnbased (#636)
  • Maintenance: Correctly set toolchain and local gtest in toolchain files (#739)
  • Maintenance: Document slog license (#458)
  • Maintenance: Fix -Wpointer-bool-conversion warnings (#792)
  • Maintenance: Fix TODO0006 (#767)
  • Maintenance: Fix Visual Studio Build errors (#725)
  • Maintenance: Fix a few more warnings and enable most of -Wall and -Wextra (#828)
  • Maintenance: Fix clang warnings (#826)
  • Maintenance: Fix missing on Ubuntu 18.04 (#747)
  • Maintenance: Log level adjustments (#1057)
  • Maintenance: Nightlies are not built anymore (#873)
  • Maintenance: Publish AppVeyor-built packages as artifacts (#669)
  • Maintenance: Refactor external dependency handling (#362)
  • Maintenance: Remove boost (#999)
  • Maintenance: Remove boost foreach (#655)
  • Maintenance: Remove build boxes (#728)
  • Maintenance: Remove redundant screen coordinate variables (#736)
  • Maintenance: Removed silly camo kit addition (#768)
  • Maintenance: Replace boost::shared_ptr with std::shared_ptr (#658)
  • Maintenance: Rework random number generation (#846)
  • Maintenance: Rustify LibraryDB (#835)
  • Maintenance: Ubuntu 19.10 installation issues (#886)
  • Maintenance: Update contributors.txt (#1151)
  • Maintenance: Various memory fixes (#743)
  • Maintenance: Wrote / contributor guidelines (#841)

Bugfix Release 0.16.1

This is a bugfix release with two crash fixes and a launcher clarification.


Full Changelog:

  • Bugfix: Fix crash during AI turn in Meduna (#495)
  • Bugfix: Prevent saving during stopwatch (#661)
  • Bugfix: Fix crash during load screen with RUSSIAN data files (#695)
  • Launcher: Change label “JA2 Data Directory” to “JA2 Game Directory” (#693)

Release 0.16.0

The Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella team is proud to present a new release. A long time in the making, it includes several new features, plenty of bugfixes compared to previous versions and the original game, and more work in externalizing and cleaning up the old code base.

Through 874 commits 59 bugs were fixed. 15 of the fixed bugs affect vanilla.

New Features:

  • A graphical launcher
  • “Dead is Dead” mode: documentation
  • 4 new bunbled optional mini-mods: Honest IMP Questions, Generous Rebels, O Fortuna, From Russia With Love
  • The game window is now resizable, which enables software pixel scaling.
  • Some fixes and tweaks cherry-picked from 1.13.
  • Configuration is now stored in a JSON file.
  • Comments have been added to the configuration file making it easier to tweak.

We are shipping pre-built packages for Ubuntu, Windows and OS X. This should help users to easily get started with Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella. For users willing to take a risk we also started to provide automatically created nightly builds.


Build changes:

  • The build system has been updated and is now based on cmake.
  • SDL has been replaced with SDL2.
  • Several other dependencies have been updated.
  • The optional graphical launcher requires FLTK.
  • Rust has been added as a new dependency. It is recommended to use the latest version provided by rustup. Rust libraries needed to build the project are automatically downloaded by cmake/cargo.

Warning: SDL2 2.0.6 has a fatal bug in the audio conversion code. As a workaround, the game automatically disables all sounds if it detects this version during startup. Please downgrade to version 2.0.5 or use version 2.0.7 or later.

From the next release onward, the project will start using C++11 features. Please let us know if you’re stuck with an ancient compiler that doesn’t support this standard.

Full Changelog:

  • Bugfix (vanilla): Do not increase shots fired statistic without a live target (#622)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix Bobby Ray’s popup ‘Out of Stock’ appearing again when trying to leave the website (#534)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix gas on a roof can damage the merc underneath the roof (#477)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix open doors can block grenades (#94)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix smoke/gas spreads over roof edge (#600)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix climbing makes mercs visible at night (#402)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix throwing knife flying animation messed up (#395)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix helicopter is ignored by pathfinding (#317)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix area select rectangle not removed if interrupted (#550)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix replace non-existing corpse animation (#526)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix replace reference to non-existing flame animation (#525)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix doorcr_b.wav sound file exception (#520)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix game crash when inserting ceramic plates (#516)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix unconscious merc gains exp for bullet avoidance (#163)
  • Bugfix (vanilla): Fix free disk space is calculated wrong (#413)
  • Bugfix: Fix game speed is generally slow (#99)
  • Bugfix: Don’t crash if we don’t have a target for punching (#627)
  • Bugfix: Don’t crash in SoundLoadDisk() on Arch Linux with SDL2 2.0.6 (#608)
  • Bugfix: Fix sound memory limit hit after upgrading to SDL 2.0.7 (#609)
  • Bugfix: Fix the rust cli parser does not accept relative paths (#559)
  • Bugfix: Fix getting “Reading from file failed” when fast forwarding time after savegame load (#528)
  • Bugfix: Fix crash in laptop AND huge memory footprint (#68)
  • Bugfix: Fix adding money with ‘+’ key cheat not working (#426)
  • Bugfix: Fix hit by grenade issues (#247)
  • Bugfix: Fix MERCS can punch through open doors (#595)
  • Bugfix: Fix attack for 0 AP (#192)
  • Bugfix: Alt+o cheat damages bloodcats now (#583)
  • Bugfix: Passive bloodcat ambush fix (#584)
  • Bugfix: Fix when enemy is noticed, no AP for action may be taken (#188)
  • Bugfix: Fix attacking teammate(dialogue) on roof puts him through the roof (#567)
  • Bugfix: Fix mysteriously disappearing APs when stealing (#191)
  • Bugfix: Fix position of Mercenary task orders in Tactical screen (#537)
  • Bugfix: Fix and enhance cli switch parsing (#515)
  • Bugfix: Fix maximum militia Message at the wrong position (#540)
  • Bugfix: Fix build fails if there is a space in the directory name (#529)
  • Bugfix: Shrink gfKeyState (alternative) (#523)
  • Bugfix: Teach (Estimate)ActionPoints about KID_SKIPPING (#502)
  • Bugfix: Fix segfault in Blt8BPPDataTo16BPPBufferTransZTranslucent when rendering smoke (#468)
  • Bugfix: Remove AI deadlocks (#466)
  • Bugfix: Fix experience gain not acknowledged properly (#398)
  • Bugfix: Fix minimap flickering on selected merc (#202)
  • Bugfix: Fix current merc in minimap flickering (#452)
  • Bugfix: Check for time accelleration properly when checking for end of turn (#451)
  • Bugfix: Fix accelerated bleeding when returning to realtime (#160)
  • Bugfix: Fix graphical glitch in main menu after quitting a game (#106)
  • Bugfix: Fix menu bug when ending a game (#72)
  • Bugfix: Fix can’t type IMP code after saving via Save screen (#419)
  • Bugfix: Fix issues with text inputs (#429)
  • Bugfix: Fix game crashes during enemy turn (#415)
  • Bugfix: Fix description box missing when opening “Deposit/Withdraw money” widget in Tactical screen (#379)
  • Bugfix: Fix shipping cost BR not redrawn properly (#394)
  • Bugfix: Fix bad Performance in OS X (#319)
  • Bugfix: Fix autoresolve crash (#381)
  • Bugfix: Only check retreat conditions for valid sectors (#374)
  • Bugfix: Enable assertive asserts only on debug builds (#373)
  • Bugfix: Show version number in main menu (#359)
  • Bugfix: Fix minor debug page fault (#337)
  • Bugfix: Fix undefined behaviour in (#342)
  • Bugfix: Leave running stance if not moving (#194)
  • Enhancement (vanilla): Fix merc forgets his stance after jumping on a roof (#84)
  • Enhancement (vanilla): Fix selling attachments to Tony - strange prices (#423)
  • Enhancement (vanilla): Add yellow or green star for attached Talon (#424)
  • Enhancement: Add extra item combinations (#623)
  • Enhancement: Unify hotkeys (#626)
  • Enhancement: Integrate vxx’s work (#307)
  • Enhancement: Initial Launcher Implementation (#548)
  • Enhancement: Allow resizing of game window (#555)
  • Enhancement: Move ja2.ini to json (#291)
  • Enhancement: Set options in ja2.ini (#298)
  • Enhancement: Change name of the user folder (#164)
  • Enhancement: Implement automated nightly builds (#442)
  • Enhancement: Add Appveyor CI (#440)
  • Enhancement: Add comments explaining game.json variables (#401)
  • Enhancement: Add new Game Mode: Dead is Dead (#308)
  • Enhancement: Make music modable to increase music variety (#386)
  • Enhancement: Update to SDL2 (#216)
  • Enhancement: Support Tribsoft’s Linux port (#365)
  • Enhancement: Introduce cmake build system (#354)
  • Enhancement: Integrate gui_extras (#339)
  • Enhancement: Implement uninplemented stuff (#264)
  • Enhancement: Add “IMP Quiz Honest Answers” mini mod (#303)
  • Enhancement: Simplify moving to the next sector in tactical view (windowed mode) (#314)
  • Enhancement: Add “Generous Rebels” mini mod (#305)
  • Maintenance: Explicitly initialize MovementMode (#635)
  • Maintenance: Fix “Release mode” linking and deb file permissions (#634)
  • Maintenance: Make CIs automatically build release packages (#632)
  • Maintenance: Refactor build system and update documentation (#629)
  • Maintenance: Misc cleanup (#625)
  • Maintenance: Normalize whitespace (#556)
  • Maintenance: CMake cleanup (minimal version) (#482)
  • Maintenance: Remove #ifdef JA2 code (#471)
  • Maintenance: Remove #ifdef JA2TESTVERSION code (#472)
  • Maintenance: Remove #ifdef JA2BETAVERSION code (#470)
  • Maintenance: Reorganize source tree (#455)
  • Maintenance: Update rapidjson to 1.1.0 and add comments to game.json (#411)
  • Maintenance: Externalize lib boost (#229)
  • Maintenance: Update boost to 1.61 (#326)
  • Maintenance: Rework debug logging (#60)
  • Maintenance: Update smacker.c (#310)
  • Maintenance: Remove WITH_MODS ifdef (#322)
  • Maintenance: Rework logging (#250)

Bugfix Release 0.15.1

This is a bugfix release aimed at people who have issues with people spinning after loading savegames.


Full Changelog:

  • Bugfix: Fix people spinning on the spot when loading save games

Release 0.15.0

The new Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella team is proud to present you with their first release. This is mainly a bugfix release and to reestablish the development. Therefore it does not bring a ton of new features but straightens a lot of stuff out. Larger changes have been postponed to the next version, so expect a more interesting changelog in the months to come.

New Features:

  • Our new logo is now used as the application icon
  • Using the brothels, ehm, services is now possible
  • Improvements to the OpenBSD/FreeBSD builds

Additionally we are now shipping pre-built packages for Ubuntu, Windows and OS X. This should help users to easily get started with Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella.


Full Changelog:

  • Feature: New logo is used as application icon
  • Feature: Using the brothel in san mona is now possible (#76)
  • Feature: Allow stacked item popup to have multiple lines.
  • Feature: FreeBSD and OpenBSD build system improvements
  • Bugfix: Fix water not being taken into account for movement noise
  • Bugfix: Fix random crashes after AI-vs-AI autoresolve battles (#253)
  • Bugfix: Talon cannot be loaded with two grenades anymore (#130)
  • Bugfix: Mercs that end a turn without moving while running now leave running stance (#194)
  • Bugfix: Helicopter shadow is now rendered all the way to the screen border on high resolutions (#261)
  • Bugfix: Some interface elements were not rendered correctly in editor on high resolutions (#152)
  • Bugfix: Repair can now be used in underground sectors (#152)
  • Bugfix: Credit screen rendering was fixed for higher resolutions (#222)
  • Bugfix: Some sounds sounded different from vanilla (#78)
  • Bugfix: Broken contract button in strategic view (#80)
  • Bugfix: Clipping issue with militia map (#88)
  • Bugfix: Vertically center time compress text in its box
  • Bugfix: Armor label position in strategy merc inventory
  • Bugfix: Ammo label position in weapon detail view
  • Bugfix: Only heal up Elliot if he is not already dead (#153)
  • Bugfix: Patch from Thomas Moore to fix contract renewal interface freeze
  • Bugfix: Position cash splitting interface correctly in strategic mode (#178)
  • Bugfix: Cow is not a bloodcat
  • Bugfix: Number of bloodcats on medium difficulty was the same as on hard
  • Bugfix: Dont end up in a locked ui state when somebody leaves (#200)
  • Bugfix: Fix corpses and items appearing in water (#179)
  • Bugfix: Rare boxing crash when money is handed over (#199)
  • Bugfix: crash when loading map (#143)
  • Bugfix: End of meanwhile cutscene crash (#198)

JA2 Stracciatella Continued Continued

Again there has been a regroup of Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella developers. Development has gained pace and a new release is on the horizon.

After the development in the last repository stalled, because the original owner didn’t have the time to maintain the project anymore the active developers decided to take responsibiliy of that. This introduces some major changes to our infrastructure

  • We now have this beautiful website to inform you about the development process and new releases
  • Development is now taking place at Github

We hope these changes speed up the development process significantly and we can bring you a new release soon.

The Project is Still Alive

Some pull requests were merged.

Release 0.12.352

Version 0.12.352 has been released.

Release 0.12.275

Version 0.12.275 has been released.