Bugfix Release 0.15.1

This is a bugfix release aimed at people who have issues with people spinning after loading savegames.

Download: http://ja2-stracciatella.github.io/download/

Full Changelog:

  • Bugfix: Fix people spinning on the spot when loading save games

Release 0.15.0

The new Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella team is proud to present you with their first release. This is mainly a bugfix release and to reestablish the development. Therefore it does not bring a ton of new features but straightens a lot of stuff out. Larger changes have been postponed to the next version, so expect a more interesting changelog in the months to come.

New Features:

  • Our new logo is now used as the application icon
  • Using the brothels, ehm, services is now possible
  • Improvements to the OpenBSD/FreeBSD builds

Additionally we are now shipping pre-built packages for Ubuntu, Windows and OS X. This should help users to easily get started with Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella.

Download: http://ja2-stracciatella.github.io/download/

Full Changelog:

  • Feature: New logo is used as application icon
  • Feature: Using the brothel in san mona is now possible (#76)
  • Feature: Allow stacked item popup to have multiple lines.
  • Feature: FreeBSD and OpenBSD build system improvements
  • Bugfix: Fix water not being taken into account for movement noise
  • Bugfix: Fix random crashes after AI-vs-AI autoresolve battles (#253)
  • Bugfix: Talon cannot be loaded with two grenades anymore (#130)
  • Bugfix: Mercs that end a turn without moving while running now leave running stance (#194)
  • Bugfix: Helicopter shadow is now rendered all the way to the screen border on high resolutions (#261)
  • Bugfix: Some interface elements were not rendered correctly in editor on high resolutions (#152)
  • Bugfix: Repair can now be used in underground sectors (#152)
  • Bugfix: Credit screen rendering was fixed for higher resolutions (#222)
  • Bugfix: Some sounds sounded different from vanilla (#78)
  • Bugfix: Broken contract button in strategic view (#80)
  • Bugfix: Clipping issue with militia map (#88)
  • Bugfix: Vertically center time compress text in its box
  • Bugfix: Armor label position in strategy merc inventory
  • Bugfix: Ammo label position in weapon detail view
  • Bugfix: Only heal up Elliot if he is not already dead (#153)
  • Bugfix: Patch from Thomas Moore to fix contract renewal interface freeze
  • Bugfix: Position cash splitting interface correctly in strategic mode (#178)
  • Bugfix: Cow is not a bloodcat
  • Bugfix: Number of bloodcats on medium difficulty was the same as on hard
  • Bugfix: Dont end up in a locked ui state when somebody leaves (#200)
  • Bugfix: Fix corpses and items appearing in water (#179)
  • Bugfix: Rare boxing crash when money is handed over (#199)
  • Bugfix: crash when loading map (#143)
  • Bugfix: End of meanwhile cutscene crash (#198)

JA2 Stracciatella Continued Continued

Again there has been a regroup of Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella developers. Development has gained pace and a new release is on the horizon.

After the development in the last repository stalled, because the original owner didn’t have the time to maintain the project anymore the active developers decided to take responsibiliy of that. This introduces some major changes to our infrastructure

  • We now have this beautiful website to inform you about the development process and new releases
  • Development is now taking place at Github

We hope these changes speed up the development process significantly and we can bring you a new release soon.

The Project is Still Alive

Some pull requests were merged.

Release 0.12.352

Version 0.12.352 has been released.

Release 0.12.275

Version 0.12.275 has been released.