How to Run

How to Run

  1. Install original Jagged Alliance 2 game on your computer. Data files from the original game will be used by JA2-Stracciatella. If you’re installing the linux port, make sure to copy over files from CD2 too.

  2. Download JA2-Stracciatella or compile it from the source codes.

  3. Start the game the first time. It will create the configuration file in

    • %USERPROFILE%\Documents\JA2\ja2.ini on Windows.
    • ~/.ja2/ja2.ini on Linux or OS X.
  4. Edit the configuration file and set parameter data_dir to point on the directory where the original game was installed on step 1. For example:

    • D:\games\ja2\ on Windows.
    • /home/user/games/ja2-installed on Linux or OS X.
  5. If you have a non-english version of the original game, you need to start JA2-Stracciatella with parameter telling which version of the game you are using. For example

    • ja2.exe -resversion FRENCH on Windows.
    • ja2 -resversion FRENCH on Linux or OS X.

    You should see the start screen now.

    Ja2 Stracciatella start screen

Further command line options are available. To list available options run

  • ja2.exe -help on Windows.
  • ja2 -help on Linux or OS X.

Extra Hotkeys

Besides the hotkeys present in the original game, JA2S adds the following for greater ease of use:

  • scroll lock: toggle mouse grab in windowed mode
  • alt-r: reload held weapon
  • ctrl-l: load game during enemy/militia turn
  • ctrl-n: switch between day and night head gear (goggles) for the whole squad
  • ctrl-q: swap hand items
  • shift-j: climb through open window

These require you toggle a game.json switch:

  • d: switch to turnbased mode from realtime

Additionally you can use the middle mouse button to make a merc look into the direction of the cursor.