The Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella team is proud to present a new release showcasing a year of work. It includes several new features, plenty of bugfixes compared to previous versions and the original game, clean-ups of the old code base, and most notably a new saving&loading screen. Our Chinese fans will now be able to play the game in their own language (zh_CN).

Through 275 commits at least 41 bugs were fixed, 15 of which are known to affect vanilla.

New Features:

  • (Simplified) Chinese language support
  • Support for arbitrary amounts of saved games which are all displayed in the same list whether with or without mods
  • Modding improvements
    • More hardcoded values and assumptions are now externalized to additional or improved json files for easy editing (item graphics, vehicles, starting sector, squad size, weapon shooting sounds)
    • Mods can provide manifest files with important metadata — to be displayed in the launcher and stored in saved games
  • Configurable website loading time, maximum squad size game speed and an option to refill totally defeated patrol groups (set in game.json)
  • The optional chance-to-hit now accounts for aiming and is not tied to F, but show_hit_chance in game.json
  • Improvements to the android work-in-progress port and support for the Apple M1 chips

IMPORTANT: If you had several save game folders from using different mods, you will have to manually (arbitrarily) rename the files and move them into the main SavedGames folder.

NOTE: Automatic brightness correction has been disabled, so pass eg. -brightness 1.3 on the command line if you need to increase brightness/gamma to 130%.

We are shipping pre-built packages for Linux, Windows and macOS. This should help users to easily get started with Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella. For users willing to take a risk we also provide automatically created nightly builds.

Download Make sure to uninstall any previous versions before installing.

Main Changelog:

Bugfix (vanilla)

  • AI Order/Attitude incorrect comparison (#1385)
  • Fix graphical glitching during scrolling when merc lights are enabled (#1437)
  • GuiBaseJA2Clock signed/unsigned inconsistency (#1386)
  • Incorrect adjacent teammates search (#1388)
  • Incorrect AI function call (#1391)
  • Incorrect armour type comparison when searching for better items on the ground (#1392)
  • Incorrect condition, || instead of && (#1463)
  • Incorrect target level when calculating throw params (#1397)
  • Smoke on the floor level affects vision on the roof. (#1394)
  • Throw search ends if one the checked spots was too far (#1384)
  • When setting special movement cost for fences, check that tile after the fence is not blocked (#1389)
  • Wrong amount shown on items pop-up (#1336)
  • Zero calculated CTH can result in 1% actual bullet hit (#1393)
  • Crash when handing Fatima the letter while another merc discovers an item (#1378)
  • Fix camera focus when clicking on overhead map (#1438)
  • Stuck at automatic first aid screen (#1407)


  • Artifacts when entering a map (#95)
  • Build on mingw64 - Error with copying file stracciatella_c_api.lib (#1296)
  • Crash when opening “Continue Saved Game” screen (#1452)
  • Error when building on MSYS2 system on windows (#1398)
  • Game crash in P3 basement (#1443)
  • ‘No such file or directory’ when attempting to save under some circumstances as of e202b45 (#1379)
  • Replying to Mike crashes the game (#1444)
  • Allow more than 1 dead mercs on squad (#1410)
  • Chat boxes sometimes don’t fit the text (#1477)
  • Crash when doing aimed burst to certain NPCs (#1365)
  • Failed assertion (debug build) or segfault (RelWithDebugInfo) when picking up a delivery, or collecting a bounty with all inventory slots full (#1387)
  • Fix chance-to-hit preview for rooftop targets (#1427)
  • Fixing signedness errors in Strategic AI (#1420)
  • Fix UI overlay glitches in tactical UI (#1424)
  • Game temporarily hangs (stopwatch) when spotting an item mid movement (#1367)
  • Minor regression of VFS case-insensitivity (#1465)
  • Refund the correct amount of medical deposit (#1412)
  • Can’t save games on Android since JA2S 0.19 20210920 build (#1447)
  • Do not adjust screen brightness unless requested (#1383)
  • Error saving game (#1472)
  • Fix #1379: Read and reset sector flags when removing temp files (#1381)
  • Truncated error message when failing to build virtual file system (VFS) (#1433)
  • Passing bad command-line flags doesn’t show the whole -help (#1494)
  • Update fltk library to version 1.3.8 (#1500)
  • Remove explicit architecture in macOS toolchain file (#1506)
  • Update SDL2 to 2.0.20 for macOS (#1505)
  • Slf archive and folder confusion (#667)


  • Supporting chinese localization (#810)
  • Added option for mouse cursor to always be visible in tactical view (#1372)
  • Add OpenBSD toolchain file and update build instructions (#1396)
  • Add the possibility to provide a mod manifest (#1432)
  • Appending extra game states at the end of Saves (#1282)
  • Change the squad save format (#1411)
  • Config var for scaling website loading time on laptop (#1376)
  • Dynamic tactical bottom bar (#1409)
  • Excessive temp file usage in .ja2/tmp/temp (#1255)
  • Externalize item graphics (#1459)
  • Externalize squad size (#1415)
  • Externalize all weapon shooting sounds properly (#1456)
  • Externalize vehicles (#1400)
  • Externalizing starting sector (#1359)
  • Feature Request: Chance-to-hit feature improvements (#1368)
  • Highlight compatible items in sector inventory (#1439)
  • Launcher: preload all mods (#1352)
  • Make save game location configurable on Android (#1337)
  • Move the tactical screen bottom panel to the center (#1404)
  • Option to refill totally defeated patrol groups (#1421)
  • Refactor operations with temporary files (#135)
  • Support an arbitrary amount of saved games (#823)
  • Support arbitrary save game filenames (#822)
  • Reduce direct references to item ids (#1462)
  • File open speedup (#1402)
  • Read and write to a proper temporary directory (#1374)
  • Add JSON schema for all externalized files (#1422)
  • Better editor save load dialog (#1362)


  • 0.19 release checklist (#1356)
  • AppImage does not start in Debian 10 => version `GLIBCXX_3.4.26’ not found (#1360)
  • CI-build with gcc-8 (#1361)
  • Compiling JA2S 0.18 with Raspberry Pi failed (#1436)
  • Fix C4099 warning on MSVC (#1403)
  • Replace references to profileID in externalized JSON with profile name (#1453)
  • VfsFile_open performance (#1268)
  • Add editorconfig (#1460)
  • Install CMake 3.21 for MinGW builds (#1455)
  • DefaultContentManager::loadTranslationTable skipping some languages (#1475)
  • Fix translation tables (#1454)
  • Read tilecache names from VFS (#1363)
  • Refactor the rest of file accesses to go through GCM where applicable (#1401)
  • Remove explicit paths from DefaultContentManager startup (#1358)