The Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella team is proud to present a new minor bugfix release following 0.19.0. Most notably a crash related to assigning merc roles is fixed.

IMPORTANT: If you had several save game folders from using different mods, you will have to manually (arbitrarily) rename the files and move them into the main SavedGames folder.

NOTE: Automatic brightness correction has been disabled, so pass eg. -brightness 1.3 on the command line if you need to increase brightness/gamma to 130%.

We are shipping pre-built packages for Linux, Windows and macOS. This should help users to easily get started with Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella. For users willing to take a risk we also provide automatically created nightly builds.

Download Make sure to uninstall any previous versions before installing.

Main Changelog:

Bugfix (vanilla)

  • Most of the “sleep” button for 18th merc acts like start/stop time (#1517)


  • Small issues with the new Save Game screen (#1508)
  • Fix save load screen issues (#1509)
  • Crash in Chitzena / Do not check for empty squad if none is selected (#1476)